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    In Video Veritas: PSC Short Film Contest

    Each year Wine Spectator hosts a wine video contest and this year PSC is getting in the fun and asking YOU to help!  Members are encouraged to submit a 45 second to 3 minute long video.  Subjects can range from interviews, tours, a favorite recipe paired with your favorite PSC wine, a spoof of Eric,

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  • Awards & Accolades

    Awards & Accolades

    At PSC, we believe that wine is not only for every person, but that for every person there is a wine. In our quest to make the best Arizona wines for an Arizona audience, “Trust Your Palate” is our motto for a reason. While awards and other recognitions are an important part of the global

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  • ICSpring2012

    Inner Circle Blind Wine Tasting Results

    In April, Page Springs held a Spring Inner Circle event called “The Judgment of Cornville,” where members blind tasted eight PSC wines against eight French Rhône wines (four white and four red of each), and were then asked to rate the wines. Friday Night Whites 1st Place: Page Springs 2010 La Serrana ~ 16 votes for...

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  • Special Offer for Wine Club members

    Special Offer for Wine Club members

    Present your Page Springs Cellars Wine Club membership card for 10% off your meal at the Red Rooster Cafe in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona!

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  • Wine Club Events

    Wine Club Events

    Each year Page Springs Cellars celebrates the seasons (and quarterly Wine Club releases) with events and activities at the winery. Join our Wine Club and receive advanced notice, member discounts plus access to exclusive member events. Find Out More About Upcoming Events Winter Barrels and Burgers Join us in the Cellar...

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  • Fall in Arizona Wine Pairing

    Fall in Arizona Wine Pairing

    Coffee Marinated Ribeye with Beet & Goat Cheese Aioli Pairs perfectly with Page Springs Vino de la Familia Ingredients: ½ cup Queen Creek olive oil, divided into 2 – ¼ cups 3 tablespoons freshly fine ground coffee 1 tablespoons Elote Café Cure Spice 4 ribeye steaks (about 8 ounces each) 4 garlic cloves 6-10...

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  • Spring Wine Pairing

    Spring Wine Pairing

    Seared Sockeye Salmon with Mango Strawberry White Truffle Salsa Pairs perfectly with Page Springs Mules Mistake

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  • Harry’s Hideaway

    Harry’s Hideaway

      So, what is Harry’s Hideaway all about?  — Good quality food at fair prices, that’s what. Comfort food that’s guaranteed to fix what ails you. If you have a food memory that you’d like to create, give them a try. With their newly acquired liquor license, Harry’s now offers wine tastings and dinners...

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  • Winter Wine Pairing

    Winter Wine Pairing

    Roasted Game Hen with Wild Mushroom Risotto Pair perfectly with Page Springs SGMp Ingredients: 4 Cornish game hens Salt and pepper to taste 1 blood orange (regular orange can be substituted), quartered 4 sprigs fresh rosemary 6 tablespoons “Queen Creek” truffle olive oil (any olive oil will work) 24 cloves garlic 2/3...

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