100 % Counoise (AZ)

The 2015 Stillness is a reflection of who we areas winemakers.  It is a combination of our love and respect for old world winemaking traditions, our obsession with wines from Champagne, and the pioneering, rebel, spirit that champions the Arizona wine industry. “Blanc de Noir” is a term traditionally used to describe sparkling white wine made from red grapes.  The 2015 Stillness evolved from the rosé we made from this block last vintage. In 2014, when the elements forced our hand to pick this counoise before ideal ripeness, we chose to press her and treat her like a white wine, rather than manipulate her into something she’s not. The name Stillness implies not only an absence of bubbles, but also a state of being. It refers to our intent to encourage slowing down, tasting with intention, and discovering the nuance and complexity layered in this wine.