Our Culture

Since our first planting in 2004, Page Springs Cellars has always been grounded in experience, truth, and quality—whether that relates to the earth in which our vines are rooted or our philosophy that wine is by the people, for the people. Stay grounded, be connected, and live for meaningful experiences.

Most importantly, trust yourself. Trust your Palate.

Our Sustainability

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What We Stand For

At Page Springs Cellars, our goal is to create delicious wines that express the unique character of our landscape. We trust that our wines and winemaking convey our philosophies concerning family, education and living life to its fullest.

We believe to make great wine we must take just as much responsibility for the lands we steward as the community we live in.

We feel strongly that growing grapes, making wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, brings together families, and unites communities. Good wine is not strictly the esoteric fare of nobility: Wine is for the people.

We desire to share our passion and interest in wine with everyone from the first time sipper to the seasoned enthusiast. Providing academic and hands on experiences are a big part of this desire to help people expand and trust their own senses.

Land, wine, grapes, friends, family, education, and fulfillment: Wine is within everyone’s reach!


Eric Glomski, Owner and Director of Winegrowing

Who We Are

Page Springs is a family. We are part of something bigger than ourselves, and we know it. We can feel it, and we are proud of it. It starts with place. Visit our land along the river and you will see. The sheer beauty of Page Springs is undeniable and empowering. It’s our people. We love what we do and are committed to constantly challenging ourselves to do it better. We are artists, farmers, poets, alchemists, and geeks. Talk to one of us and you’ll know that the flame is burning bright. We are part of a community. Our staff and Wine Club Members are people who care about something other than a quick buck. We gather regularly to celebrate the things that make life worth living while also giving to those who are in need. At the center of this all is our wine—the expression of all that we are and can be.

Sustainability Innovator

Page Springs Cellars (Silver): Page Springs Cellars has long been known as a leading winery in environmental practices in Arizona. All our vineyards are no-till, meaning we don’t disturb the soil which can release carbon. Instead we mow native grasses and other green cover crops. Most of the plant debris is composted and put back into the vineyard. As of May, 2020 our solar panels produce 100 percent of our electricity! We have a state-of-the-art, on-site waste water treatment and disposal system. We minimize transportation by only distributing in Arizona and most of our sales happen in our tasting room. We also have remarkable employment practices. All full-time employees earn a living wage, employees are encouraged to develop their interests, and we use a peer review process where co-workers give one another and their managers useful feedback.


Where The Wines Come From

Page Springs produces the majority of our wines from our Estate Vineyards. Three northern and one southern vineyard make up this quartet. Each site has unique climate and soil characteristics, as well as differing grape varieties that contribute to our small-lot, vineyard designate program, and our many complex blends. All are managed by our vineyard team in conjunction with our winemakers to produce wines that uniquely express the ecology of each site. Additionally, we source grapes from other top vineyards in the state, such as Pillsbury, Bruzzi, Keeling-Schaefer, Deep Sky, and Coronado.

Estate Vineyards

Page Springs Home Vineyard, Page Springs Arizona

Our first Estate Vineyard was planted in the spring of 2004, seven years after our founding winemaker, Eric Glomski, first fell in love with this site. Glomski and his family purchased the land in late 2003 and began planting in 2004.

At an average of 3,450 feet, the soils here are sandy, clay loams overlaying chunks of extrusive volcanic rock that is cemented by calcareous (chalky, alkaline, limestone-like) sediments. The subsoils here are alkaline, much like the limestone of the Southern Rhône and Burgundy, France. These special soil conditions, along with the coolness of the site, tend to produce wines with a rustic and savory character.

The west facing, Home Vineyard totals 4.5 acres and is planted to:

  • Marselan on 1103p rootstock. Planted in 2019.
  • Montepulciano on 1103p rootstock. Planted in 2019.
  • Grenache 1A on rootstock 1103P. Planted in 2009.
  • Traminette on its own roots planted in 2011.
  • Seyval Blanc on its own roots planted in 2011.

House Mountain Vineyard, Page Springs Arizona

At an average of 3,550 feet, House Mountain Vineyard was planted in the spring of 2011 in collaboration with the Petznick family of the Dancing Apache Ranch. Its eight acres of vines lie on the western slope of House Mountain volcano, just upstream from Page Springs Cellars. This is a warmer site than the Home Vineyard and soils vary from deep, basalt deposits (that were extruded from the volcano) to pure limestone. The wines we make from House Mountain tend to be well structured and perfumed.

These west and southwesterly facing slopes are planted to:

  • Petite Sirah or Durif on rootstock 1103P
  • Pinot Noir Clone 777 on rootstock 1103P
  • Syrah Clones 471 and 525 on rootstock 1103P
  • Teroldego on rootstock 1103P
  • Grenache 1A on rootstock 1103P
  • Counoise on rootstock 1103P

Dos Padres Vineyard, Page Springs Arizona

Ranging from 3,400 to 3,650 feet Dos Padres Vineyard was planted in the spring of 2011 to nine acres of vines. It lies across Oak Creek, but well above the Page Springs Home Vineyard and the Winery. From our tasting room you can gaze upon the steep slopes and rolling Dos Padres landscape. The five fields are separated by bands of untouched native land and vegetation that allows native wildlife access to the water below. A mix of chalky clays, chunks of volcanic stones, deposits of ash and limestone define much of this vineyard. As our warmest Estate site, Dos Padres produces our darkest, most structured and age-worthy wines.

We have planted the following varieties at this site:

  • Syrah Clones 470 and 471 on rootstock 1103P
  • Mourvedre: on rootstock 1103P
  • Barbera: on rootstock 1103P
  • Viognier on rootstock 1103P
  • Roussanne on rootstock 1103P
  • Vermentino on rootstock 1103P
  • Malvasia on rootstock 1103P

Colibri Vineyard, Chiricahua Mountains Arizona

Colibri Vineyard was planted in 2000 on the site of the old Morrow apple orchard located in Whitetail Canyon on the eastern flank of the Chiricahua Mountains. Located on north-facing slopes at an elevation of 5,200 feet, this is our coolest site and one of the highest elevation vineyards in the state. The rhyolitic (granite-like) soils here are unique in our portfolio and are reminiscent of the great Rhone site Hermitage. The soils and climate here combine to create the spiciest and most austere wines in our portfolio.

These slopes are planted to:

  • Syrah clones 99, 174 and 474 on rootstock 110r
  • Grenache 362 on rootstock 1103p
  • Mourvedre Clone 369 on rootstock 1103p
  • Counoise on rootstock 110r
  • Cinsault on rootstock 1103p
  • Durif on its own roots
  • Roussanne on 1103p